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Totally Board Games!

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New board games from Russia [15 Aug 2011|11:23pm]


Have you ever heard about Russian board games?
How about Russian game designers and publishers?

In October 2011 at SPEIL, Rightgames LLC, a Russian company specializing in game designing, will present four popular Russian games created by 3 Russian authors:

«Potion-making. Practice» - author Sergey Machin
«Evolution. The Origin of species» – author Dmitry Knorre
«The Enigma of Leonardo» – author Sergey Machin
«The Kingdoms of Crusaders» - author Danila Goryunov

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break out the board games!

Game exchange? [05 Apr 2011|04:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Has anyone here ever tried doing some game exchanges? I know there are a few games I've been on the lookout for, and am more than happy to consider getting rid of one or two of mine I don't play anymore.

To that end, if anyone has a copy of Burn Rate or the 1999 print of Acquire they're willing to negotiate about, hit me up. :)

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New to join, but certainly not new to boardgames... [03 Feb 2011|08:36pm]

[ mood | good ]

...As well as card games, pencil/pen and paper games, and tile games.

Name: Marianne (Mari for short if you prefer)
Age: 27
Location: Southern Maryland USA

Favorite Game(s): Forbidden Island, Caracassone, Allahambra, The Game of Things, Apples to Apples, Bubble Talk, Sequence, The Dinosaur Game, Betrayal at the House On Haunted Hill, Soaps, FLUXX, Tiki Mountain

Why: I mostly love games that are either hilarious or very strategic. (Or both, even!) Those types of games always promise a good time.

My mom Linda and I both gamers. We like a handful of the same stuff, and every other Friday night we go to a meetup group, known as St. Mary's Boardgamers. There was once another group we went to that assembled and had fun every second and fourth Friday evenings so EVERY Friday night was game night. But unfortunately, the Deale group just recently ended. ): The organizer of the wasn't feeling very content about not so many people showing up after quite a while.

From both of those groups I have videos posted up on my YouTube account, and there's some hilarious stories that aren't on video that I don't mind sharing. I'll get to that later though. I'm only leaving an introduction for now. ^_^

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Game transportation [15 Oct 2010|02:46pm]


I run a local board gaming group, and although other people bring a few American games here and there, I'm the only one that's into Eurogames, so I've been schlepping a fair number back and forth every other week.

I'm getting tired of lugging three canvas tote bags around and need something easier to deal with. I was thinking of using an old rolling duffel bag, but I'm wondering what other folks who transport games use. What are your ideas/suggestions?

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[13 Dec 2009|11:08am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, I'm Mandy and I am probably what you would call a traditional old school board gamer. Because of being born in 1975, I grew up with games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Game of Life and Cluedo. Scrabble is still my favourite board game by far!!!

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Barnes & Noble has started carrying a lot of good board games. [18 Nov 2009|10:31pm]

About a month ago I went into a Barnes & Noble for the first time since April. Aside from the regular, common board games like Jenga, Scrabble, etc, back in April they only had two games that were ranked high at boardgamegeek.com. These were Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne New World.

Still their selection was a lot better than Borders that didn't have any games like that whatsoever, and presumably still don't.

So a month ago I went in B&N and they had Dominion. Then yesterday I went and they had gotten a lot more. Now they have two games by Fantasy Flight, the new Conan one and Red November. They also have a bunch of Catan expansions, such as Seafarers. What shocked me the most was that they actually had Puerto Rico, that was a game I thought would never be carried by a national chain store because the premise has the capability to offend so many people. The copies of Puerto Rico were stocked on a lower corner of the island of games and a copy of The Age of Conan had been put in front of them, but they still had several copies of it. I also saw Merchants of Venice and a few others.

I'm not really into spending a bunch of money so I won't be buying any of these, but I just thought I'd make a post about it to revive the community.
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Game question [11 Nov 2009|05:12pm]


Oh, since I'm here, anybody out there know where I can get a copy of Clue: Harry Potter for a reasonable price? I've seen it on clearance in my local Wal*Mart, which would be ideal, since all the places I've found online are, er, rather more than clearance priced. :)
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A game review - "Soaps" [11 Nov 2009|05:08pm]

[ mood | amused ]

OK, not to be a gaming pimp or anything, but I wanted to send a shout-out to all those independent game designers out there by way of kudos to a new friend of mine.

Recently a new gaming group has formed in my local area through Meetup.com (which, frankly, I thought was DOA a few years ago, but apparently still has a following). We've been meeting for a couple months now and they're great. We've been playing Apples to Apples, Carcassonne, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Kill Doctor Lucky, Guillotine, Management Material, Rummikub, and on and on. I love that some of these folks have never played any Eurogames before, but are eager to try new things.

The organizer is also a game designer, and he's been testing the waters to see if we're a group willing enough to beta test a few of his games. One game he completed and we've played now quite a few times is called Soaps, and I have to say, it's AWESOME!

Here's a bit about the gameplay and mechanicsCollapse )

Needless to say, I highly recommend it. Right now he's self-publishing through a print-on-demand site called The Game Crafter, but the quality is great and it's well worth it if you're looking for a new, fun card game:


(I promise I'm not getting anything out of this other than trying to help a friend and promote a game I really enjoy. If it's not appropriate, I'm happy to take this post down.)

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[06 Oct 2009|05:13pm]

Board games for sale!Collapse )
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intro [28 Sep 2009|03:26pm]

Name:  Ariel
Age: 21
Location: tacoma, wa
Favorite Game(s):  power grid, settlers of catan, hermagor, aquire, ticket to ride, rail baron, zooloretto, escalation, dominion, agricola, and newly, arabian nights and adastra
Why: because there uber fun!

anyone in the area (tacoma, WA) is welcome to come to Board Game night @ the game matrx every wedsday, from 6 to midnight.
break out the board games!

Southern Maryland? [16 Sep 2009|10:32am]


If anyone here is located in southern Maryland (St. Mary's, Calvert or Charles counties), there is a new group starting through Meetup.com to connect to play board games. Please reply here and I'll give you the info!
break out the board games!

Well hi! Hello! [02 Mar 2008|12:49am]

Name: Ann Cook


Location: Livingston, Montana

Favorite Game(s): I have to choose? Thurns and Taxis, anything by Cheapass and Jackson, Risk, Stratego, zombies series.

Why: Old fashioned playability and laid back atmosphere.
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In hope that people are interested [28 Jan 2008|04:43pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello, I created a new community, which can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/old_boardgames/
As I understand, there isn't any communities for old and vintage board games in LJ yet, also none for paper dolls or for people who like making these things. So, I am posting in hope that some people here are interested and join it, to share pictures, ideas and links. Thanks for reading! :)


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New Games [01 Jan 2008|11:45pm]


2008 is here and we have our first two games for the new year.

First is our new card game Transmogrification, a duel between 3 to 5 Shape Shifters. Using your different forms you will compete in the ultimate battle to you have superior skill and strength.

Then we have L337 5p34k W0rdz, 5 games in one. The main game is a Scrabble variant.

Speaking of variants you can get updated versions of our Clue, Aquire, Diplomacy and Axis & Allies variants.

So visit IcePack Games today and see what's new!
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Days of Wonder games [18 Aug 2007|08:19pm]


If anyone has purchased a Days of Wonder game (Colosseum, Battlelore, Ticket to Ride, Cleopatra, Shadows Over Camelot, Pirate's Cove, Mystery of the Abbey, Memoir '44, Gang of Four, Queen's Necklace, Fist of Dragonstones or Terra), and you're not using the online web card that comes with the game, I'd be interested in using it if you're not! :)
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WBC Report [07 Aug 2007|04:13pm]

If anyone's interested, I just posted a description of the WBC Convention on my page.
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Arrr, me hearties [26 Jul 2007|01:28am]

As the roleplaying group was down to just four on Mon, with others being away on holiday, I had the chance to get out the lovely set of 'Buccaneer' that I won on ebay a few months ago. I never had a set myself as a child, my best friend, Lisa's family did, and we enjoyed playing it. So when I was looking for a set, it had to be the same edition, with the yellow box artwork.

I love the physicality of 'Buccaneer', with the little ships and the mini treasures to put in them, especially the pearls and the sparkly diamonds and rubies. It's a shame that the bars of gold are rather a dull colour and very plasticky.

It's a fun game to play, with a fair amount of luck involved, though there's also room for some strategy and bluffing. Ven was afraid to attack me near the end, because I had a lot of crew cards, which she thought probably meant a high fighting value. However, the fighting value is the difference between the total value of your red crew cards, and the black crew cards. As it happened, I had a pretty even mix of both colours, so though I had a total value of about 12, it was made up of something like 7 red and 5 black, giving a fighting value of (7-5=) 2. Which is pathetic.

The chance cards can lead to some engaging silliness. Some direct you to be blown to a particular corner of the board, which may mean your ship has just been blown right across Treasure Island itself. Crews desert, wash overboard and die of Yellow Fever with sometimes astonishing regularity. It's not the most challenging or complex of games, but it is fun.

And I won.
break out the board games!

[26 Jun 2007|05:22pm]

Hi, just introducing myself.

Name: Jenn
Age: 29
Location: Near Seattle, WA USA

Favorite Game(s): In no particular order.... Settlers, To Court the King, Ingenious, Lost Cities, Yinsh, Ticket to Ride, Thurn and Taxis, Carcassone. I probably forgot some. ;)

Why: Because I enjoy them? But really, there are different things I enjoy about each game. Abstract games are a favorite of mine, so Yinsh and Ingenious are ones I'd play all the time if I could. I love route games like TTR and Thurn and Taxis. So on and so forth.

I'm pretty new to the hobby, though I loved games as a kid. Didn't have anyone to play with regularly, so I just kind of dropped it. Most of my gaming, save some cards or dominoes, is done online. I'm disabled as as of right now, online is the easiest way to play. I guess it also has to do with all my gaming friends living in other states. I play at Brettspielwelt, Asobrain (Settlers), Days of Wonder, and I've found some other online games that I have yet to try. Am also soon to try gaming via email and with online randomizers (maccaj is my main gaming friend).

I'd like to try any Reiner Knizia game, as I'm a huge fan of his. I also have Chez Dork to try as soon as I get all the cards scanned (aforementioned online randomizer play). Being a huge political geek, there are a few election and presidents related games I'd love to try, and also the medical games to tide my med geek tendencies.
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[26 Jun 2007|02:53pm]

Hi all.

Just joined. I'm kind of a fledgling gamer, still getting into the hobby... I don't get much of a chance to play IRL because I'm disabled and don't drive, so most of my gaming is done on Brettspielwelt. This has not stopped me from buying hard copies of games in fits of optimism. ;) My only regular IRL gaming partner is my sister, who is 22 but is mildly mentally impaired (functions at a 7-8 year old level) which limits my gaming options... but I'm addicted enough to sit around trying to figure out how to play other games with my gamer friends by email (including ones that weren't necessarily designed to be played that way... online randomizers are great for assembling two identical master decks on both ends of the keyboard...).

Name: Meg
Age: 25
Location: near Atlanta, GA

Favorite Game(s): My all time favorite game is Blue Moon City. After that, in no particular order - Thurn & Taxis, Ingenious, Blue Moon, Chez Geek, Through the Desert, To Court the King, Carcassonne, Settlers, Lost Cities, a super geeky game called Med IQ (basically Trivial Pursuit for docs and doc-wannabes, includes a solitaire variant), Ticket to Ride.

Why: BMC, I love all of the options it presents. It's a great game without being a brain-melter. Same for T&T and Carc. Ingenious is great for a quick and dirty game, as is Lost Cities. Through the Desert, I haven't quite mastered yet, but it's fun to figure out. Blue Moon has breathtaking art (I'm a sucker for good art... presentation can make or break a game for me, sadly), and it's a great 2p battle game... my fave deck is the Aqua deck. To Court the King is much maligned as "super yahtzee", but it's a lot of fun in a group, and it's something my sister enjoys and understands how to play (she likes rolling ten dice at once). Settlers is fun, although I can get irritated with it when the dice aren't rolling my way. Med IQ is a game where I can get my geek on, TTR is a game my sister and I can play. Chez Geek is just a blast... you have to have the right group of people, but if everyone is in a silly mood, it's a great party game.

Games I'd like to try/ haven't broken in yet: Citadels, Loot, Die Macher, Scarab Lords, Tigris & Euphrates, 1960: The Making of a President (not published yet), Infection, Shear Panic, Rome, Celtica, Alchemist, Stonehenge, Hameln.

I also mess around with how to make board games more accessible for physically disabled gamers such as myself. As a Knizia fan and Eurogamer, I love bags of bits, modular boards etc, but handling them all without half of them scattering all over the floor can be frustrating.
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Hi everyone! [18 Jun 2007|05:38am]

I'm Kevin, welcoming myself to the group. I have recently moved to South Florida (Ft Lauderdale area) and would love to find some people to play board games with. Seems like there are plenty of chess clubs, but it's always a little harder to find people into a more diverse selection of sit-down games. My favorites include Scrabble and Puerto Rico. Settlers drives me nuts.

I'd also like to tell everyone about my recent project, an Internet game where you take these letters glued together like tetris pieces, put them on a Scrabble-like board, and find all the words you can like in Boggle. It's a little rough around the edges in some places, but it's getting neater every day and I'd love to get some more people playing. You can try it by going to http://games.wode.com.

Here's a screenshot...Collapse )

Happy gaming!
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